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Travelling downfalls

6 weeks results are in

Warning there is some “tops off” photographs in here

This all came about after speaking with a young staff member in one of the nutrition warehouses in the Gold Coast area.

I have used this particular brand in the past (Olympic nutrition serious mass gainer) as I was constantly on the move, working two jobs and it was a good way to ensure I was getting the daily calories I needed without a lot of spare time.

I thought nothing of the transaction and proceeded to the checkout all ready to go to make this transaction as seemless as possible.

Said a formal hello and was greeted the same way.

“What is it your looking to do with this stuff” the staff member said

“fill my car up with it” I replied jokingly, playing along I said I was going too strip a little weight off while maintaing/growing muscle mass.

“not with this you won’t, why would this help you lose weight?” said the staff member

Was caught off guard with the formidable question, I was unaware I was having to relive my sport nutrition course again.

“it’s a brand and a technique ive used in the past and it worked for me” I replied and had my contactless at the ready to make the sale

“no your better off with another one, you wont lose weight on that its a gainer” he said…at this point I’ve noticed he still has not rung this through the till

“I wouldnt worry yourself about it” I replied “I’ve done it before and it works for me”

“I can guarantee you wont lose any weight taking this” he said

My initial thought was to take the bag and test out its weight by dropping it on his head, however this would not be a practical use of anyones time.

This conversation went on like this for a few minutes of me recieving unsollicited advice until I finaly asked him just to ring it through and proceed with the sale he was about to lose.

He put it through and nudged the bag towards me like it was a childs filled nappy.

So that is how this came about, that riveting story is why I am recording my results to test his ‘I am right and you are wrong’ thoery. I think his subscription to mens health and eating a handful of Kale must allow a superiority complex. If he’s correct then fair enough….although I had my doubts.

My initial weight was the highest its ever been at around 95kg. I have always hovered around the 82-85kg range. Travelling, eating more and sporadic sessions at wheatever gym was at my disposal will do this to you.

My body fat percentage was also at its highest at 21%….outrageous. I knew 6 weeks was not as long as required as I am not doing this as a crash diet, and that is a very important thing to remember when reading this, I am still eating the way I always do and the way I mean to go on. Not eating soup for 6 weeks then going back to eating how I normally would, it doesn’t work like that and the weight will pile on faster than it did before.

Remember, your body is clever and will anticipate another fasting, only this time it will be more reluctant to let that stored fat go.

I used a 3 point body caliper test to gauuge my body fat and the same scales to test my weight. I still had the odd treat and by no means did I live like a monk.

Please click on the link below to the video for a more visual representation of my progress.

6 week challenge video


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